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Nomenclator ZoologicusBibliographic identifiers
8Aargaunotain some copies of Montfort 1810 Syst. Conch., 2, 6.(err. pro Argonauta L. 1758)0
291Absisiasee Absidia0
376Acallopistussee Acallapisus01017818
821Acanthohopiitessee Acanthohoplites0
822Acanthohopliteesee Acanthohoplites0
824Acanthohplitessee Acanthohoplites0
825Acanthohrplitessee Acanthohoplites0
857AcantholophusDejean1834, Cat. Col., ed. 2, 265 [n.n.]; (Schoenherr MS.) Guérin-Ménéville (1838), in Duperry, Voy. "Coquille," Zool., 2 (2) 1, 122.(Macleay MS.)0
922AcanthonotozomaBoecksee Acanthozoma0
1039AcanthoptilumKoelliker1870, Abh. Senckenb. naturf. Ges., 7, 569.0
1079Acanthoscelidessee Acanthocelides0118051
1124AcanthostylotellaBurton & Srinivasa Rao1932, Rec. Ind. Mus., 34, 343.0
1179Acanthygenyssee Acanthagenys0
1192Acantohoplitessee Acanthohoplites0
1359Aceotrichussee Acreotrichus0
1368AceraCuvier [non Lamarck]Ann. Mus. nat. Hist. (teste Scudder 1882, Nomen. Zool., Suppl. List., 3).0
1373Aceranasee Acarana0
1474Achaetulasee Ahaetula0
1483Achamarchissee Acamarchis0
1488Achanthipodussee Achantipodus0

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